After Nov. 14th: No Better Place Than Peru (Pt. 7 of 10)

Today’s post is the seventh in a 10-part series involving serendipitous and mysterious events and occurrences involving the date of Nov. 14th (the same date my mother died). These posts will be categorized as events that happened before Nov. 14, the day of  Nov. 14th, and after Nov. 14, 2013. Enjoy!

Tuesday Tribute

The seventh serendipitous occurrence after Nov. 14th takes place in Peru and I can’t think of a better place. Many of you may not be aware that Latin America (and Peru especially), has a mystical past that has been hidden from the general population. Horace Butler, author of When Rocks Cry Out, theorizes that when you read the ancient descriptions of the layout of Jerusalem, the Saksaywaman ruins in Cusco, Peru can be said to be the true location of Jeru(Peru)-salem of the Bible.

Given this information, I couldn’t think of a better place to be doing my yearly 10-day Vipassana silence retreat than Peru. From Dec. 28th to Jan. 7th, I had the opportunity to send out energy during the last days of my mom’s 49 day transitional period and pray for her peaceful and prosperous ascension. I’d like to share two powerful personal experiences in Peru related to a previous post (part 3 of 10) where I mentioned that my personal menstruation cycle began the day of Nov. 14th. Well, to continue the story, I started to become concerned when I noticed that my next cycle was way late and this has never happened in the past. Everyone told me that it must be related to stress related to my mother’s death, but I wasn’t certain because I thought I was processing everything well. Five weeks came, six weeks came and still no cycle. So, I just released my concern about the whole thing and focused on my goals during the silence retreat.

When January 1st came (the day of her ascension), I awoke like clock work at 11 pm (12am where my mother was living) to the sound of fireworks and tipped toed outside my room to watch the night sky light up in celebration of a new year. I had the most powerful, lucid dream just before then, and it was as if she was giving me instructions on how to handle four things that would come up in the future. After receiving that omen, I felt happy and assured that she had ascended with “flying colors.” The fireworks, the New Year and the New Moon of January 1, 2014  just added to the story. My meditation for the whole day was great and I felt such joy in my soul to know that my mother had incarnated or ascended to a better place. So lo and behold, on Jan 2nd at around 12am, my cycle came like clockwork. To me, this symbolized the beginning of a new chapter in my life that is actually connected to the past.

And this brings me to my second powerful personal experience. Back in 1998 on Jan. 2nd, I had just completed my first silence retreat and it was on that day that I received the revelation to write a book of which I share the story on my first blog Coming Full Circle Countdown.  The icing on the cake for me was when on Jan. 2nd, the llama in this picture shows up at the retreat for the first time to share a message with me. When I looked up the significance of llama animal medicine, it mentioned that the llama brings the energies of hard work, responsibility and endurance and reminds us to take balanced action with patience and persistence. These have been the exact traits needed in order to manifest my desire of creating the financial legacy needed to honor my mother’s legacy with the Pushing Daisy Drive. Until next time!

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