Blog Posts

On Tuesdays, I’ll post updates on the Pushing Daisy Drive and showcase people who have donated to the drive. I’ll also continue to give a short tribute to my mom by posting wisdom she has shared, accomplishments she has achieved, things she has written or even links to other media resources that can serve as an inspiration to everyone.


I’ll share cultural, educational and spiritual events that keep folks buzzing and humming along. If you know of anything worth sharing buzz it by me.

Pollination Pages

As a cross-pollinator, it’s always great to connect ideas and people together that would have never before seen each others face. Other light beacons that I love the most, always have a space as a guest to post.

Feature Friday 

I plan to post travel essays and stories on a variety of themes. The first one will be a Series on Afro-Latino Towns that I’ve visited in Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

Royal Jelly 

There are so many wonderful people and organizations in the world doing amazing and wonderful things. It’s obvious that after being fed the royal jelly of life, they have chosen to transform into the royalty that they “bee.”  Here is where I intend to shine the spotlight on them.

Honey Comb

I post all my creations of poetry and prose whenever they flow, and like honey from a jar, I hope they sweeten your life wherever you are!

Road Journal

During the months of the year I’m away from my part-time house sitting gig in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, I’m usually buzzing around the globe, sharing my insights and showcasing the interesting people, places and events that I come across. Bumble Bee Road Journal posts will take the form of a “mini road journal” and include text, photos, audio, and video covering my time “on the road.”

2 comments on “Blog Posts

  1. Deborah, thanks for the connection, I am already inspired by your vision and mission to content to work of being a star, a light beacon for humanity. Thanks for your being. With gratitude and appreciation. Tahirah AbuBakr