2020 Book Vision- Monday Promo Push Off

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At DeBorah B’s Travel Bug Blog, I not only promote fundraisers, share travel stories, and showcase community events, artists and activists, l also use this platform to promote my 2020 Book Vision

My 2020 Vision

Since I’ve worn glasses since the age of 5, I’m definitely not talking about my eyesight! My vision for Who I Am Communications is to finish writing 6 books sharing powerful practices and principles for conscious co-creation and to promote & publish 3 of them by the year 2020.

What IS Conscious Co-Creation & Why Is It Important?

For better or worse, you are constantly co-creating your life circumstances with the Creator of All There Is in your every thought, word and action. Yet, what if you could do so more consciously? What would it be like if you knew, just like you know when you’re thirsty, how to tap into Creator Source to co-create the mental, emotional and financial breakthroughs you deserve? Now imagine if we ALL could consciously co-create the lives we desire on every level?

That would completely eradicate the need to complain or get caught up in power struggles. Yet, because of a loss of faith and a lack of trust from life experiences, it feels futile to fully commit to co-creating our desires. Facing the shadow of my greatest wounds involving racism, sexism and ageism has allowed me to experienced first-hand the power of conscious co-creation.  And over time, these same shadow experiences have transformed into my greatest gifts that I’m committed to sharing now.

So far, I’ve finished one of the six books, Afraid of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide for Conscious Co-Creation. As a 40 pg. e-book, AOOOS can be considered the practical, hands-on, how-to part to It’s All G.O.D: A Conscious Creator’s Guide to Healing the Effects of White Supremacy. Part memoir, part paradigm shifting guidebook, IAG promises to be my most thought provoking book to date. In today’s social climate, I had no idea how significant the book title would be back in 2012, when I first kicked off the IAG 9 Month Countdown campaign that I have since put on hold after my mother died to focus on first publishing Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards

Inspired by the death of my mother, POV is a 52 week inspirational guidebook and astrological calendar specific to your birthdate that helps you understand your life cycles to make better choices using an ancient astrological system coined the Destiny Cards by Robert Camp. A portion of the POV’s proceeds will go toward the Pushing Daisy Drive, to build an Eco-friendly home/health education center in Antigua, West Indies in honor of my mother Daisy’s legacy of service.

POV Monday Promo: A Ten Part Series Countdown

POV Monday Promo is a 10-part series that kicks off an Indiegogo Crowfundraiser officially starting on June 10th. The campaign’s goal is to raise the funds to edit, format and publish the printed book and to build a buzz around the book that will be published by my “second” Earthday- August 17th (more on that later). 

Here are three ways you can contribute:

  • Give Feedback: During the Indiegogo Campaign, I will “re-blook” the first 3 Chapters of POV and generate polls, surveys and even contests for the needed feedback before the publishing stage.
  • Share the Love: Whether you share my posts, podcasts, Pinterest pics or Youtube videos, the more the book campaign is buzzing around, the better it bee-comes.
  • Purchase & Promote: Indiegogo’s referral incentive program makes it possible for me to track the people my fans refer to the campaign and that allows me to give perks to tribe members that are most active!

Thanks for your time! Stay tuned for the POV Monday Promo Schedule on June 4th!

Bellony’s Bell Has Rung As Earth Day Has Begun!

The last post I made was on my Mother’s Earthday, just 9 days after having survived hurricane Maria in Dominica. Now, 19 months later on Mother Earth’s Day, I’m renewing my commitment to both! And what better day than on Earth Day, April 22nd, to revamp my commitment to Mamma Earth and Mamma Daisy. Also, the Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus for the first time in what will be a 7 year period of major planetary shifts!

My Vipassana Bell Story

Since the time I first started sitting silent Vipassana meditation retreats nearly 20 years ago, I’ve always avoided volunteering to ring the wake up bell at 4:00 a.m. daily. Fortunately for me, a Buddhist nun volunteered to ring the bell for the last course I sat that officially started on April Fools’ Day. But the joke was on me! For the first time ever, the bell was so faint, I could barely hear when she rang it because her building was further away from my room. At first, I wanted to complain and ask the course manager to ask her to ring the bell a little louder and walk a little further so it could be heard a little better. But then I thought, “I don’t even like ringing the bell myself, so I should give the sister a break.” Yet, throughout the duration of the course, the thought kept arising in my mind and I kept letting it pass away. Then, on the very last day, I got the download of what it all symbolized!

Bellony’s Bell and Trump’s Trumpet

As one of G.O.D.’s many angel ambassadors, I volunteered (just like Trump) to be born into a body and to ring my unique bell so that I could assist Mother Earth in awakening humanity at this final hour. It all made sense to take on this task in the heavens before I got here. But then I forgot just how daunting it can be living in an era with so much darkness and density.

“Cunning and wisdom have something in common. Cunning uses knowledge to divide and conquer; while wisdom uses it to bring unity in the community.”  

DeBorah Bellony

Bellony’s Bell is similar to Trump’s Trumpet. There are angels of love and light and there are angels of darkness and destruction. Either way, and by whatever means, G.O.D. uses it all to awaken the masses at this most crucial hour. The Generator, Operator and Destroyer of All That Is has always been in control and the truth of the matter is– It’s ALL G.O.D. Humanity just needs to decide whether it will stay inside the heart space and ascend with Mother Earth or stay outside the heart space and leave this place in disgrace.

“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”  


Thanks to the Buddhist nun, I have a better appreciation for how other “earth angels” must feel when I don’t show up wholeheartedly to play the role of an angel of love and light.

At the Vipassana retreat, I was relying on the bell to awaken me, but sometimes I didn’t hear it at all, so I’d miss my morning meditation. This experience helps me to see just how important it is for me to shine my light and to “Ring My Bell” as an act of service to my tribe.

From the word Earth you get–heart, hear and art. How will you hear Mother Earth with your heart to make a new start and then share your greatest gifts with Gaia so your life becomes a work of art?

Trump is playing his role as an angel of darkness and destruction perfectly. He has loudly blown his trumpet issuing the final call to humanity to awaken at this final hour. So what is your call? Or calling rather? Is it to watch the news and complain everyday? Or is it to drop down into the heart space and choose a more constructive way?

  • If you have an instrument of inspiration to play, then NOW is the time to play it.
  • If you have an unnecessary or unwanted load to bear, then NOW is the time to unload it
  • If you have a light in your heart to shine, then NOW is the time to shine it.

My 2020 Vision Revisited

My new vision for Who I Am Communications is to publish 3 books, sharing powerful practices and principles for conscious co-creation by the year 2020. So far, I’ve published Afraid Of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide to Conscious Co-Creation and I’m currently working on publishing my second book, Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards.

Inspired by the death of my mother, POV is a 52-week inspirational guidebook and astrological calendar specific to your birthdate that helps you understand your life cycles to make better choices using Cardology, an ancient astrological system coined the Destiny Cards by Robert Camp. A portion of POV’s proceeds will go toward the Pushing Daisy Drive, to build an Eco-friendly home/health education center in Antigua, West Indies in honor of my mother Daisy’s legacy of service.

POV Monday Promo: Revamping & Re-posting a Series

The goal of the  POV Monday Promo has been repurposed so readers can pre-order the e-book on Amazon and also promote the upcoming Indiegogo Campaign that will officially start on June 10th. Back in 2017, I posted a 10-part series that was meant to lead up to an Indiegogo crowd fundraiser that never happened post hurricane Maria! Now, I am re-vamping and re-posting the series. I’ll have more on this in future posts; however, my new goal is to publish the book by Aug. 17th, 2019.

Join The Beehive Tribe!

Now, more than ever is the time for me to hum, buzz and ring my bell a little louder and longer than ever before. Thanks for bee-ing here and taking the time to read this article! If you feel inspired to bee a part of my Beehive Tribe, then please Subscribe! Stay tuned for more updates to this blog scheduled for May 4th!

Celebrating Mama After Surviving Maria!

Pushing Daisy Tuesday Tribute is a series of posts promoting the Pushing Daisy Drive (Driven by Miss Daisy’s Daughter). Every episode is a small tribute to my mom Daisy and hopes to share inspirational posts and promotions. It’s also were I acknowledge Daisy Drive Donors and share campaign updates.
Tuesday Tribute


Mama Daisy w/ World Flags Above Her

Today, my mother Daisy would have been 80 yrs. old. Although a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about her or wish that she was here, after surviving hurricane Maria and witnessing the destruction and transformation taking place on the planet as a result of mankind’s choices, I’m glad that her spirit is on the other side.

Maybe she’s what kept me safe while in Dominica? Me, my cousin Bird and his wife Susan were all fortunate not to have any windows blow out or lose any part of the roof during the hurricane. With five coconut trees in front of the house, not one fell on the the house. There was no water damage and plenty of oranges, avocados, papaya and coconuts to last us for awhile, with a fresh water spring walking distance from the house. All I can say is G.O.D. is good! My prayers, love and positive energy are with all the survivors of the hurricane season thus far and to all the friends and family of those that didn’t make it in south Asia, Africa, the USA, the Caribbean, Mexico, Peru and anywhere else I’ve forgotten to mention. Although this is a major trauma to mankind, Mother Earth so needs this cleansing and she has no choice but to evolve, with or without us.


I’m grateful for a most beautiful Sunday before the storm. I went to the river, visited friends and had lunch with family and loved ones while experiencing the most beautiful weather. That day is how I choose to remember Dominica and hold space for what it can become once again.


While my cousin’s house was still in tact, nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed after venturing out to see the rest of Roseau! It felt like being in the midst of a war zone. With so much destruction it was encouraging to see the spirit of the people taking their lost so gracefully and being thankful for life!


What a difference one day can make. When my mother died on November 14th, 2013, it was The Day That Changed Everything. Now that I’ve survived hurricane Maria, I’m calling it “My Game Changer.” There is no way that I can walk this planet earth the same way again. And to be honest, it’s not just because of Maria, it’s because of what Mother Earth, who loves us so dearly, has been forced to do because of mankind’s choices. This was my wake up call to firmly embrace that humanity is truly on the brink of a major breakthrough or a major breakdown- or both! Simultaneously, for some it will be a breakthrough and for others it will be a breakdown. When we side with what’s a win for our heart’s true desire, nature and the environment, we win; when we side with what works against these things, we lose.

“It’s the small, value-based choices we do have control over today, that eventually create the larger societal conditions and events we don’t have control over tomorrow.”– Deborah Bellony

Movies like Cowspiracy and just being in tune with Mother Nature have opened my eyes to all the ways our everyday choices and indifference allow evil to run rampant. My mother used to say, “He who doesn’t hear will feel!” Well, we are feeling it now and it’s never too late to start again right where we are at.


Before Maria, I had lots of travel plans and projects that I’m now putting On Hold to focus on the “One Thing” that allows me to share my greatest gifts. That goal is still to write six books by 2020. Instead of launching an Indiegogo Campaign today as I had planned on my mother’s birthday for Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance With the Destiny Cards, I am going to focus on going within a spending more time reaching my writing goals. By getting back to the basics, I don’t allow procrastination, overwhelm, aiming too high or too low to stop me from accomplishing what I most desire. There will be more to the story in the near future, but for now, it comes on a need to know bases for myself as well as my tribe. Thanks for reading!

Until Next Time and Happy 80th Earthday Mama!