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“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”- Lao Tzu

BeFunky_Lao Tzu.jpgThe idea for this travel blog has been a long time coming. It was back in 2009 when my friend Miguel originally designed the logo and the seeds of my travel blog was born. Little did I know how much significance the bee (Hebrew for Deborah) and the daisy on my logo would have today. On Nov. 14th, 2013 my mother, Daisy, made her transition and that was The Day That Changed Everything.

The truth is, before my mother died, my person had been a little hesitant to step out there in the world and tackle this project that is so dear to my heart for fear of failure. The usual mind chatter seemed to be clamoring for attention and demanding my obedience.  Yet, from the day my mother died and throughout the entire funeral process, something deep within me changed forever and now I see that this project is much bigger than me and my person’s fears.

On January 14th, 2014, I launched a 10-Month Manifest Your Desires Campaign. My mission was to encourage, inspire and support others in manifesting their desires by blogging about my 10-month commitment to manifest my internal and external desires in honor of my mother. The number 10 has been known to be a number of manifestation and January 14, 2014 to November 14, 2014, marked approximately 10 months, as well as one year from the date of my mother’s passing.

While bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert , “Ate, Prayed, and Loved” her way through Italy, India and Indonesia, I set out to “Travel Write, Fundraise and Book Publish” my way through those 10 months of the campaign. At the same time, I also began the Pushing Daisy Drive, which is an on-going, long-term vision to build an Eco-friendly home and educational center in Antigua, West Indies, that will also serve as a private operating foundation in honor of my mother’s legacy of service. You can learn more about the Manifest Your Desires Campaign and the Pushing Daisy Drive by going to the respective pages in the menu bar. Also, please go to the Categories section in the side bar and search for “Manifest Monday” and “Pushing Daisy Tuesday Tribute” in the  drop down menu if you’d like read past posts from the campaign.

My goal is to begin posting more travel writing stories and showcase more of my creative writing. To get an idea of the type of post I’m planning in the future, make sure to visit the Posts page. Thank you for being here! I hope you enjoy the posts that are here and the ones that are to come!

What’s Buzzing



2014_Bioneers_Brochure_DIGITAL-page-001This has been a pretty “buzzy” week so far, with a lot of traveling and more to come as I prepare to attend the 25th  Bioneers Summit Conference in California this weekend. As a result of some unexpected events (Mercury retrograde), I decided to take a week off from blogging. But I will be back with Part 7 of the 10 Part Series involving the serendipitous and mysterious events and occurrences involving the date of Nov. 14th.

I’ll also have an update on the book survey  I have been conducting to get feedback on your biggest challenges around conscious co-creation, as well as for my upcoming book Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards.

I’m putting together an event/product for the end of the 10-Month Campaign and I look forward to sharing it with you! Also, it’s not too late to take the survey!

Take The Survey Here

See You Next Week!

This Post Is For the Writer In You

I want to share some upcoming free opportunities for all you writers out there:

MAY 9th- National Association of Memoir Writer’s Free All Day Tele-summit
Every season, NAMW gives a free all-day telesummit 10am-4pm PDT to help us with our memoir writing and marketing. The theme for Spring 2014: Angles of View-Writing and Sharing Your Memoir.Every season is always full of helpful tips, inspiration and new contacts and opportunities. There is still time to sign up for it today, and even if you don’t have time to attend, you will be able to download the calls afterwards at no cost. There is nothing to buy. Hope to see you there! You can sign-up here.

May 19th-30: Transformational Author Experience 2014
For the past five years Christine Kloser has been hosting a live on-line event to help aspiring authors with a message to write, publish and promote their book with over 22 hours of free-training (when you attend live or within 48 hrs). The first time I attended, I was blown away by all the information and inspiration I received. Even if you aren’t able to listen to every presentation within the time frame, it is certainly worth signing up when you have 21 bestselling authors, agents, publishers and transformational leader sharing some invaluable information. Hope to see you there too! You can sign-up here.

It’s Time to FOCUS

 10-Month Mission

When I first launched the 10-Month Manifest Your Desires Campaign, I mentioned how my two internal desires of tapping into happiness and allowing true intimacy in all of my relationships would serve as my foundation to accomplishing my two external goals of travel writing and book publishing.  After re-reading Leo Babauta’s free e-book FOCUS: A Simplicity Manifesto in the Age of Distraction, I realized that in order to accomplish these goals, I have to simplify and focus on what’s most important to avoid distraction. It’s amazing how fast time flies. It’s hard to believe that I’m already 2 1/2 months into my 10-month mission and I’m nowhere near where I’d hope to be. All the processing and buzzing around I’ve been doing during the past few months has certainly taken it’s toll on my psyche.

I’m not completely sure how I plan to simplify my life over the next  7 1/2 months; however, I do know that by surrendering to this process of “co-creation” with the Creator, I am truly learning to “T.A.P.” into happiness: T-rusting that G.O.D and my guides want my success more than I do, A-ccepting what manifests in my life, knowing all things (good and bad) are ultimately serving a perfect purpose, and being P-resent in my body with presence and gratitude at all times.

A Wonderful Opportunity
I found out a week ago that I got accepted into my first 20-Day Vipassana course. This means that I will be in silence and disconnected from all electrical devises for most of April. Astrologically speaking, April promises to be a powerful month with a lunar (April 15th) and solar (April 29th) eclipse, as well as a grand cross (April 23rd) involving fours planets in the celestial skies that is sure to impact world history.

During this time, my business and blog will be on hold. I am glad to have this opportunity to use this energy in a way that can bring clarity in how I run my business and the creative vision for my future projects.

Right now, my biggest challenge is trusting that I will still have the time and resources to “manifest my desires” by November 14th like originally planned. Wish me luck!

Diasy Drive

So far, I haven’t received any direct donations for the Pushing Daisy Drive, so if you have the resources and opportunity to contribute in any way and you haven’t (even if it’s just spreading the word) please consider doing so.


You can make a donation of ANY amount. However, with a minimum $10 Manifestation donation, your name and/or organization will be listed on the Pushing Daisy Tuesday Tribute weekly post.

Note: 100% of donations goes directly to drive


Shop at Amazon for any product starting from my affiliate link and help contribute to the drive. You can also purchase products from my  WIAE Amazon Store.


If you have skills in any of the following areas, I could use your assistance:

a) Book Cover Design b) Book Editing & Formatting c) Legal Advise & Accounting d) Marketing & Technology e) Permaculture  f) Earthbag Design & Building  g) Social Networking



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