POV Promo- Subscribe to the BEEHIVE Tribe! (Pt. 3 of 10)

POV Monday Promo is a ten part series leading up to an Indiegogo book crowdfundraiser for, Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards. The promo’s goal is to build a buzz around the campaign, “blook” the first 3 Chapters by my mother’s Earthday on September 26th, and get the needed funds and feedback before publishing.


In Pt. 3 of this series, I’d like to share what’s coming down the promo pike. After just completing a 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Silence Retreat, I’ve been buzzing around the past few days to get to my current Beehive location on Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean. I’ve also been setting up and updating my YouTube and Google+ Pages, Communities  and Collections in preparation for the POV crowdfundraiser on Indiegogo. I hope you feel inspired to join the “beehive tribe.” Here are some ways to bee involved.

I’ve decided to use Google+ as a platform to post pictures, polls & quotes to inspire, promote and get feedback for my blog and book.

POV Book Launch Community

As part of my 2020 Vision, I plan to promote and publish six books by 2020. Who I Am Communications Google+ Page is where each book will have it’s own community and I’ll share YouTube videos, blog posts, conduct hangouts, run polls for feedback, and share quotes and photos on Google+ Collections.

To join the POV Book Launch “beehive” community and bee involved in the upcoming Indiegogo crowdfundrasier  Click Here.

DBTBB Google+ Page 

DeBorah B’s Travel Bug Blog is where the love to travel, fundraise and write unite. So, when you join the “Beehive Tribe” you have a place to share and keep the spirit of the blog alive Click Here To Join

Upcoming Schedule

Starting on August 21st, I begin posting the first 3 Chapters of Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards.

If you haven’t taken the survey yet, please do! I’d love to get your feedback on the book title and concept so far in order to create a better product, more capable of reaching my audience. If you complete the short survey, you’ll get a 45% discount on a Destiny Card Report with the coupon code given at the end of the survey.

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Shots of Bee-U-Tiful Spots- Fyah Burning

Shots of Bee-U-Tiful Spots is one of two fundraising series that promotes photographers and youth programs on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. When you Pay What You Want (PWYW) for the featured photo donated by the featured photographer, you’ll also be contributing to the Pushing Daisy Drive,  and other youth programs.

The “Shots of Bee-U-Tiful Spots” Series features the exceptional photography of Sneferu Hotep, founder of Egiptian Church of Karast A’ashuq Youth & Prison Ministries. His eye for the perfect shot at the perfect spot is definitely hot (lol!).

History of Fyah Burning on St. Croix

Whether it be the historic “Fireburn” Labor Rebellion on Oct. 1, 1878 or the fire burning at a Rasta ceremony with Nyabinghi drumming and chanting, St. Croix is no stranger to fyah burning. This shot was taken at an African Liberation Day celebration. I’m sure my mother, the rebel and Zulu Queen Daisy would like this one!

“Fyah Burning” by Sneferu Hotep

About Sneferu Hotep

Sneferu Hotep is the founder and force behind the nonprofit Egiptian Church of Karast A’ashuq Youth & Prison Ministries. Their mission is to compassionately provide a supportive environment while uplifting and empowering all families in the Virgin Islands and surrounding areas. Through Agricultural, Educational, Spirit Counsel, and Youth Centered activities, the ministry addresses community issues by way of A’ashuq ”Divine Love”.  A portion of the photo sales will go toward funding their signature program in an upcoming crowdfunding campaign. We Shoot Flutes, is an Agriculture, Art, and Music exploration program centered in cultural awareness and peace promotion directed toward children between the ages of 7-13. Stay tuned for more information on their crowdfundraiser.

Let the Reading Bee-gin

Whatca Bee Reading? is a monthly post on DeBorah “B’s” Travel Bug Blog  that allows me to share what I’m currently reading with my tribe. It also gives me the opportunity to showcase Bee Sting: Critiques That Help & Hurt every month. Enjoy!

Book Name/ Author:  Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

What’s It About?

A National Book Award Winner, this entire book was written as a touching letter from a father to his 15 year old son sharing his experience growing up African-American in North America navigating his Black body through gang violence, racism, police brutality and the pursuit of happiness.

Why &/or Where’d You Get It?

I got it from a friend’s library, and to be honest, Toni Morrison’s quote, “This is required reading” is what got my attention.

What’s Your Percentage Point?

About 65% done

Whatcha Think So Far? 

After warming up to his unique writing style, I was able to settle into and be touched by his poignant words and most timely message around the effects of police brutality. Through storytelling, he makes real the constant threat to Black bodies whether it be from the Boyz n the Hood or the Boys in Blue.

Note: You can also read all older reviews on Bee Sting: Critiques That Help & Hurt.

POV Monday Promo-Let the Survey Begin! (Pt. 1 of 10)

POV Monday Promo is a ten part series leading up to an Indiegogo book crowdfundraiser for, Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards. The promo’s goal is to build a buzz around the campaign, “blook” the first 3 Chapters by my mother’s Earthday on September 26th, and get the needed funds and feedback before publishing.

Let the Survey Bee-gin

I’d like to begin this ten part series with a survey to get your feedback on the book basics in order to create a better product more capable of reaching my audience.  If you complete the short survey, you’ll get a free copy of my e-book and a 45% discount on a Destiny Card Report with the coupon code given. But first, read the book summary below before you Take The Survey

Book Summary

Inspired by the death of my mother, POV is a 52 week inspirational guidebook and astrological calendar specific to your birthdate that helps you understand your life cycles to make better choices using an ancient astrological system coined the Destiny Cards by Robert Camp. This book will be accompanied by a .PDF formatted, 52 Week Report that reveals your personal daily life cycles using an ancient astrological system hidden in the ordinary deck of playing cards! This fascinating system that has been preserved throughout the ages by the Order of the Magi, is based on a mathematical formula that is NOT founded on divination alone like the more familiar tarot cards. With your accompanying report, you will be able to record your daily influences in the book and use it as a planning guide to make better choices.

Eric Pearl, healer and author of The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself mentions the importance of having triggers in our lives to help us grow. Triggers are topics that bring up strong emotion. I like to use “trigger” words in my book titles that may bring up predetermined ideas in people’s mind in order for us to address them collectively.

“If you get down and you quarrel everyday, you’re saying prayers to the devils I say.” -Bob Marley

While the word virgin brings up different things for different people, I define virginity as a person who is owning unto themselves and not claimed by anyone. To me, true virginity has less to do with purity based on sex and more to do with ownership. We are all “claimed” by certain things whether they be good or bad (a nation, a person or a philosophy), and yet we are also “virgins” in other areas as well.

What we put our focus on is our prayer, and when we are “unclaimed and focused” in any area that is real power. This book will inspire you to reclaim aspects of yourself, and address the importance of the prayers of all virgins to create a vision for tomorrow…today.

Welcome to My Traveling World Light Bee-con!

“The rose has but a summer reign, the daisy never dies” – James Montgomery

MOVED BY MOM-Why This Blog Exists

The idea for this travel blog has been a long time coming with cycles of courage in the completion. It was back in 2009 when my friend Miguel originally designed the logo and the seed of my travel blog was born. Little did I know how much significance the bee (Hebrew for Deborah) and the daisy on my logo would have. On Nov. 14th, 2013 my mother, Daisy, made her transition and that was The Day That Changed Everything, providing the courage and motivation to move on my dreams.


On January 14th, 2014, I launched a 10-Month Manifest Your Desires Campaign. My mission was to encourage, inspire and support others in manifesting their desires by blogging about my 10-month commitment to manifest my desires in honor of my mother. While bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert , “Ate, Prayed, and Loved” her way through Italy, India and Indonesia, I set out to “Travel Write, Fundraise and Book Publish” my way through those 10 months. I also began the Pushing Daisy Drive (Driven by Miss Daisy’s Daughter) which is an on-going, long-term vision to build an Eco-friendly home and health education center in Antigua, West Indies in honor of my mother’s legacy of service.

Thank you for bee-ing here. Also, if you’d like to read past posts from the 10-Month Campaign, go to Categories in the side bar and search for “Manifest Monday” and “Pushing Daisy Tuesday Tribute” in the  drop down menu . Enjoy!

What’s Buzzing



2014_Bioneers_Brochure_DIGITAL-page-001This has been a pretty “buzzy” week so far, with a lot of traveling and more to come as I prepare to attend the 25th  Bioneers Summit Conference in California this weekend. As a result of some unexpected events (Mercury retrograde), I decided to take a week off from blogging. But I will be back with Part 7 of the 10 Part Series involving the serendipitous and mysterious events and occurrences involving the date of Nov. 14th.

I’ll also have an update on the book survey  I have been conducting to get feedback on your biggest challenges around conscious co-creation, as well as for my upcoming book Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards.

I’m putting together an event/product for the end of the 10-Month Campaign and I look forward to sharing it with you! Also, it’s not too late to take the survey!

Take The Survey Here

See You Next Week!

This Post Is For the Writer In You

I want to share some upcoming free opportunities for all you writers out there:

MAY 9th- National Association of Memoir Writer’s Free All Day Tele-summit
Every season, NAMW gives a free all-day telesummit 10am-4pm PDT to help us with our memoir writing and marketing. The theme for Spring 2014: Angles of View-Writing and Sharing Your Memoir.Every season is always full of helpful tips, inspiration and new contacts and opportunities. There is still time to sign up for it today, and even if you don’t have time to attend, you will be able to download the calls afterwards at no cost. There is nothing to buy. Hope to see you there! You can sign-up here.

May 19th-30: Transformational Author Experience 2014
For the past five years Christine Kloser has been hosting a live on-line event to help aspiring authors with a message to write, publish and promote their book with over 22 hours of free-training (when you attend live or within 48 hrs). The first time I attended, I was blown away by all the information and inspiration I received. Even if you aren’t able to listen to every presentation within the time frame, it is certainly worth signing up when you have 21 bestselling authors, agents, publishers and transformational leader sharing some invaluable information. Hope to see you there too! You can sign-up here.