On Nov. 14th: My Cycle Begins (Pt. 3 of 10)

Today’s post is the third in a 10-part series involving serendipitous and mysterious events and occurrences involving the date of Nov. 14th (the same date my mother died). These posts will be categorized as events that happened before Nov. 14, the day of Nov. 14th, and after Nov. 14, 2013. Enjoy!

Tuesday Tribute

The third serendipitous occurrence took place the day of Nov. 14th and has to do with my cycle, as in my personal menstruation cycle. My mother was in intensive care the night before, and I remember staring out of my best friend’s balcony the whole night praying that G.O.D’s will be done and asking for acceptance in whatever the outcome. There was a part of me that was in denial that my mother could actually be leaving this planet. I never thought the day would come, especially now, especially like this.

I noticed a particular star outside that seemed to be twinkling and talking to me solely. Whatever it conveyed to me telepathically seemed to give me the courage to completely surrender the outcome in G.O.D’s most capable hands, releasing attachment in every way. It felt like I was breathing my last breath to be surrendering like this, but I knew it was necessary to embrace the reality of the moment.

As you can guess, getting that call at 5:34 am from my brother telling me my mother passed away was a major blow, but there was also a sense of peace because I had that faith in knowing this was G.O.D’s will. A circle of pain, confusion and disbelief may have been hoovering all around the surface of my existence, but at the center there was an indescribable faith and knowing that a new and necessary chapter in my life had begun as my mother’s had ended. You see, I believe me and my mother have been traveling together across lifetimes, and she even told me that I reminded her of her mother the day I was born. Whatever the reason for this phenomena, I sense the purpose has been to protect, prepare and promote each other’s spiritual development as we go.

So, as I said farewell (for now), to my fellow life traveler on this earth plane, it would make sense, symbolically, that I’d start my menstruation cycle on the same day. Yet, it doesn’t end there. There is another event that I’ll share later that makes this even more serendipitous and mysterious. Until next time.

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