A Change of Heart @ the 11th Hour

Diasy Drive

At the 11th hour, I have decided to change my travel writing schedule to begin in summer instead of spring, and to also make some changes to my business that will affect the Pushing Daisy Drive (more on that later).

Aside from the obvious (that I’m not ready), there’s another reason for this change brewing within me that hasn’t totally manifested, so I’m not able to fully articulate it like I’d like to.

Yet, I was inspired after reading Danielle Laporte’s post, Why We (Should) Change Our Minds at the 11th Hour. She gave me the confirmation I needed to know that I’m heading in the right direction. I was also amazed by another one of her posts, How to Let Go of a Dream  where she shares her story of how she pulled the plug on her magazine DANIELLE at the “11th hour.”

Grant it, although my decision to make upcoming changes is a lot less serious, I could definitely relate to her posts. In the next Pushing Daisy Tuesday Tribute, I will be posting this upcoming change, so please stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

Pitfall #1 to Conscious Co-Creation

Today’s inspiration comes from Chapter 6 of my e-book, Afraid Of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide to Conscious Co-Creation. Enjoy!

Manifest Mondays

Chapter 6: Pitfall #1 to Conscious Co-Creation

In this chapter, we’ll be covering the first pitfall to Becoming a Conscious Co-Creator.

Pitfall #1

Attempting to Co-Create Without Knowing Who We Are

Now we already covered how important it is to know Who and What GOD is and our intrinsic worth as an aspect of Divinity. Believe me when I say that this is crucial to our ultimate success. If you don’t understand your worth, and more importantly, if you don’t really believe and truly know just what you are an expression of, like you know your name or when you have to go to the bathroom, then you can NEVER be a conscious co- creator for long (and I’ll explain what I mean by for long in a minute).

Imagine this. Say you want to plant a mango tree but you don’t know what the seeds look like and someone sold you some apple seeds and told you they were mango seeds. Your person might be shocked and even disappointed when harvest time came and you see apples instead of mangoes growing. Now, was the problem nature’s fault that you didn’t get mangos? Did the process of planting and harvesting let you down? No! The issue was you didn’t know the value or worth or essence of the seed that you bought.

Let’s get back to my comment about not being able to be a conscious co-creator for long without knowing your Intrinsic Divinity.

Since the time that we as a collective lost our connection to Godsource, we have all been a work in progress. This progress and process happens in cycles and cycles. Essentially and ironically, it’s the reason why we are actually even here. So all the things that we’ve ever done to improve ourselves and our position in the world. All the rituals and chants, all the vegan food, nutritional supplements and nanogold, all the meditation and brain entrainment and hypnosis, all the cleansing baths and spiritual transmissions from spiritual healers, all of these things are essential and help us along on our journey, especially if we feel called to them for whatever reason.

Yet, if we think these things give us power, rather than the power being within, they may work for awhile because they are powerful practices, but eventually we have to run into our own limiting beliefs about Who GOD is and Who we are in relationship to this Source, in cycles and cycles. It’s what we signed up for when we incarnated here on Earth.

There’s a line I love in the movie Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood when an old lady gives the main character this advice, “Sooner or later, everybody’s bill comes due.” I’ll talk more about this cyclical “paying of dues” in another pitfall later. Okay, that was Pitfall #1. Next, we’ll be covering Pitfall #2

Mapping Your Desire

Today’s inspiration comes from the book cover and text of a great book entitled The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals With Soul by Danielle Laporte. A friend shared this book with me and I thought it could serve as a great inspiration for manifesting our desires. Enjoy!

Manifest Mondays

“Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent clarity you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerful thing you can do with your life.”

And I love the way Danielle explains the benefits of feeling worthy for your desires:

Focus on creating your core desired feelings, and as you begin to generate better feelings and experiences, you will feel increasingly worthy of the richness of life. When you believe in your birthright to fulfillment, you take the desperation factor out of chasing your dreams. This quells greed-and puts a stop to the winner-loser mentality.

And there’s a beautiful twist that happens when you assume your worth: you value other people more. Because when you’re operating from a place of wholeness and value, you see value in other people and you reinforce the belief that there’s enough to go around for all of us. So in this sense, your self-worth is a service to humanity.

Getting To Know Daisy- Part 4

Today, I share the fourth and final part of the eulogy that I read for my mother’s funeral, along with my side note sharing the legacy and lasting impression she left on my ex-boyfriend, her ex-roommate and our very good friend Isaac.

Tuesday Tribute

The two most endearing qualities I’ll always remember about my mother are how she unceasingly prayed for those she loved (especially her children) and how she was always passionate and giving in everything she did.

Now both these qualities had a high and low side, like the time when I was in college and she prayed and prayed for me NOT to go to Africa for safety reasons, even though I really wanted to. Or how she was so passionate and giving of advice on how I should live my life- even when it wasn’t asked for.

My mother didn’t leave a financial legacy, but what she did leave was a  foundational one. What I mean by this is that she seeded in me the importance and responsibility of integrating ALL aspects of my person for the fullest and greatest expression of who I chose to be. She taught me that it’s okay to be sweet and sharing, as well as to swing a sword when needed. In this society (and especially for woman), it seems hard for people to accept strength and compassion in the same person. We are either strong and ruthless or compassionate and a doormat. All her life, my mother strove to integrate both, and I believe her health suffered as a result of this.

When I apprenticed in acupuncture, I learned that when a person is deficient in yang energy, they need to be cooled down (cold) and when a person is deficient in yin energy, they need to be warmed up (hot). Yet, the most dangerous condition is what my teacher, Dr. Ken Wright, called “flip flop.” That is when a person alternates between hot and cold. He gave a great analogy of what happens to a paper clip when you consistently bend it back and forth. It breaks!

For my mother, you were either in or out with her, on her good side or on her bad side, and she wore all her emotions on her sleeve for the world to see. She was fond of saying, “You can call me a lot of things, but I’m not a hypocrite.” This is so true of Daisy because she would let you know exactly where you stood. The truth is, because she was so compassionate and giving from her heart, she felt and reacted to the sting of seeming betrayal and the hurt of ungratefulness more deeply than others. In the end, going back and forth in these extremes was the ultimate blow to her health.

On Thursday, November 14, 2013, Daisy Elizabeth Teresa King Bellony was called home to her God. She will join her mother, who also died on Thursday, November 14, 56 years ago. I would like to close this eulogy in my mother’s own words taken verbatim from a journal entry she made on Friday, February 10, 2011:

I am grateful for life and the love of God. I am grateful for all the blessings I experienced in the past days especially. I am grateful for traveling mercies. I desire that the Holy Spirit guide me in all things. I desire health, happiness and divine guidance for my children Moleto, Gerald, Richard and Deborah. I desire guidance in starting this mission that I so dearly esteem to bring souls to Christ and at the same time contribute to health and healing of the nation. I give thanks. So mote it be. Amen, Amen and Amen!

Side note:

Tribute: From Isaac Causey- Good Soil
It took me a couple of days to process that my good friend, adopted mom, personal nutritionist and life-saver had transcended to a higher realm. While I originally felt sad, I then realized that SEED becomes more powerful when put into the ground. Like any seed which appears to have no life, Daisy E. Bellony will blossom into a useful spiritual tree, providing nutrients (source of growth), shade (comfort) and sustainability to many. This is evident from what she toiled on Earth- good soil (children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, relatives and friends). Through us, the love, hope, joy and faith she prepped, groomed and nurtured in the physical will produce hundred-fold in the lives of people throughout the Caribbean and the United States.

As a child, I had these images of God- a big untouchable face in the sky that was too important to approach. Life’s journeys and revelations taught me that God actually comes to Earth in the form of a humbled, helpless baby, who is at the mercy of humans. Indeed, God is All-Powerful, Almighty and Omnipresent. However, God reveals Himself through common, ordinary people who take extraordinary steps of faith. Momma Daisy is one of those people who obeyed the call of Great Work when she saw humanity’s need and heard the Father’s order. As a follower of Jesus, she simply did what Jesus did- help the poor, counsel the trouble-minded, heal the sick, comfort the homeless and weary.

God is Spirit. The Powerful One does not have hands and feet. God needs people as much as people need God. Daisy answered God’s call on several levels- a trailblazing Caribbean woman in the medical field, a devoted church and family woman, a consummate professional, a brilliant business mind and an intellect with advanced degrees.

Now, Daisy has no more hands and feet. She is a seed in search of good soil. She needs us more than ever to continue the work she inherited from Jesus- feeding the hungry, counseling the trouble-minded, healing the sick, comforting the homeless and weary, and helping the poor.

Finding the Funds to be ‘First in Flight’

My good friend Christine emailed me asking for assistance so her adopted son Rainstar (Dominica’s first Kalinago Indian pilot) could manifest his desire to become the first commercial airline pilot. At 27, Rainstar has already made history. When he was only 16 years old, he was featured in the documentary film Celebration of Flight, where he partnered to build an airplane from scratch with the 78 year old retired Swedish pilot, Daniel Rundstroem.

Please take the time to hear his story and if you like what you are hearing, put your money where his heart is and Go Fund Rainstar. Below is a re-post from The Dominican.net.

Pollination Pages

Dominica’s first Kalinago pilot excels seek public support

By Thomson Fontaine
February 24, 2014 12:05 A.M

rainstar luke

Rainstar Luke at the controls.

Salybia, Dominica (TDN) — Dominica’s first Kalinago to become a pilot is well on his way to earning his wings as a commercial airline pilot. For Rainstar Luke it has been and continues to be a long and determined struggle but the proverbial light at the tunnel’s end is already in sight.

Rainstar was born in Salybia, part of the Kalinago Territory on the South West coast of Dominica comprising a 3 000 acre swathe of land set aside for the Caribbean’s last remaining indigenous people.

As a child he was adopted into the loving family of Matthew and Christine Luke. Growing up on the family owned oyster mushroom farm, one of only a handful in the Caribbean helped Rainstar develop a very strong work ethic.

It was there during his formative years that he developed a keen interest and fascination with airplanes. “As a child everyone bought me model and toy airplanes, which helped develop my interest in aviation”, Rainstar fondly recalls.

“I was very fortunate to be always in the right place and time to meet and network with persons who shared my passion for escaping the bonds of mother earth,” he notes.

Rainstar’s first opportunity to sit in the cockpit and feel the controls of an aircraft came at a very young age. Family friends Mark Ellison and Cheryl McPherron who flew frequently between Dominica and Florida in their twin engine Cessna 421 made that possible.

They also provided him with books and aviation magazines and shared their knowledge of airplanes. “I fell in love with flying and awaited every opportunity to be in the cockpit. Flying brings me a sense of peace by focusing on the task at hand, being situational aware,” Rainstar stated.

Before pursuing his lifelong love of flying, Rainstar would make aviation history in Dominica. He partnered with Daniel Rundstroem, aged 78 a retired Swedish airline pilot residing in Cochrane and who owned a Thorpe 2 seat single engine aircraft. Together they built an airplane in Daniel’s garage using a Vans RV-8 kit.

Rainstar listened in awe to Daniels aviation stories as he spent his weekends and holidays working on the project. Daniel would eventually name the plane after him in honor for his dedication to the project.

Upon completion of the project, they traveled to Sun N Fun the second largest airshow in the USA to participate in the 100th anniversary of powered flight celebrations. Their feat would be chronicled in a documentary film ‘Celebration of Flight’ by Lara Juliette Sanders a German Director with Lombardo Films GMBH.

The retired pilot had flown all over Europe and Africa and counted the King of Yemen and Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia among his VIP passengers.

“Daniel was an inspiring mentor who provided me ground school lessons on air law, weight and balance, and weather theory which would later help me in my college courses,” he noted.


rainstar luke

Rainstar with his mentor Daniel Rundstroem works on building the aircraft.

“I learned age does not matter when it comes to accomplishing your dreams, your passion is the best motivation. I learned through our challenges we faced on our project that a positive attitude with perseverance leads to a productive outcomes,” he continued.

Soon after graduating high school in 2003, Rainstar enrolled in the ‘Professional Pilot Program’ at the Aviation Institute\Broward Community College where he first soloed. He later transferred to Phoenix East Aviation to complete his private pilot’s license.

In August 2008 he enrolled at the First Nations Technical Institute in Deseronto, Ontario, Canada in the aviation fixed wing diploma program. Two years later he received his Transport Canada\US Federal Aviation Administration commercial pilot’s license and multi-engine rating.

Unfortunately for Rainstar lack of funds forced him to discontinue his training, which would have allowed him to receive his ‘instrument rating’” to complete the requirements for an aviation diploma and eventual graduation.

Consequently, his present license as a commercial pilot is restricted to no commercial passenger flights more than 50 nautical miles in the day and no night flights. These limitations make him uncompetitive for hire at the present time.

To complete his training, and to remove the limitations on his license, Rainstar requires at least $15 000 USD. He views this as just another challenge of the many that he has had to overcome.

“I started this journey and I want to finish it to show all those who previously invested in me that I can achieve my dreams. I would like to serve as an inspiration for young Kalinago women and men to become involved with aviation as a career.

“My goal in life is to show that you can overcome challenges to become successful. Flying for me brings excitement and challenges, once the wheels leave the ground we are free from the bonds of earth with an amazing view. It brings a thrill and sense of happiness to me; being a pilot it is what I love most,” he notes.

Rainstar plans to enroll in Cornwall Aviation by June 2014 to complete his training. In an effort to raise the requisite funds he is appealing for support from the general public and have established a crowd funding website at GoFundMe .

He can also be contacted by email at rainstarluke@yahoo.com or by cellphone at 202 603 0694.

The aspiring pilot is anxious to complete his training and begin to give back to his country and the many people that have helped him along the way. “My long term vision is to use my skills and talents in aviation to help my Kalinago Indian tribe and country Dominica develop in the aerospace industry. I believe there is a lot of potential to develop the aviation infrastructure and businesses,” he concluded.

Conscious Co-Creation: Step 5

Today’s inspiration comes from Chapter 5 of my e-book, Afraid Of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide to Conscious Co-Creation. Enjoy!

Manifest Mondays

Chapter 5: Conscious Co-Creation: Step 5
In this chapter, I’ll be sharing the fifth step to Becoming a Conscious Co-Creator and as always, I’ll have an activity for you at the end.

Step #5
Stay Present With Presence, Releasing the Need for Approval and the Need to Impress

Before I get started on Step 5, we’ll do another quick review:
Step 1: Know Who and What GOD Is.
Step 2: Know your Intrinsic Worth as an Aspect of Divinity
Step 3: Align Your Person, Your Power, and Your Purpose With the Creator of All That Is
Step 4: Allow Old Charge to Come Up Without Resistance

When we truly realize that we are an aspect of Divinity experiencing Itself through Its creation, life takes on a totally different tone. There are many reason why in the old paradigm, this knowledge of Who and What God Is and our relationship to Divinity, has been kept hidden from the masses by the societal structures and authorities of the day.

Now, we are birthing a NEW paradigm which is based on revisiting and uncovering the ancient teachings and making them applicable for our current times. With this new consciousness that is flooding the planet comes an exciting and new responsibility. In a lot of ways, it can be seen as our greatest freedom encapsulated in our greatest challenge.

Khalil Gibran, author of the famous book The Prophet is quoted for saying, “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” So, what is this great challenge that I speak of? In a nutshell, it’s this:

Seeking Energy From Another Person or Thing Rather Than Godsource

Because we have spent so much time being disconnected to our God source, life on earth has become a place where we struggle (consciously or unconsciously) to gain our energy from another person or thing. Most of us were never even taught that we actually CAN, tap into our inner power as our main source of energy.

Here’s a good analogy:
Did you know that in 1896, Henry Ford built his first automobile to run on pure ethanol, stating it was a cleaner, cheaper, better fuel for automobiles than gasoline? Yet, it was John D. Rockefeller, owner of Standard Oil, who successfully funded lobbyist to push Congress to pass the Prohibition laws that made alcohol illegal and thus began his monopoly of fueling gasoline run cars. If this seems hard to believe, do your own research and you’ll see.

Yet, I only share this to bring home the point that there are and always has been, other positive options for getting our energy, rather than how we were raised to get it from another person or thing. And what do I actually mean by getting energy from another person or thing? Let me break it down.

In the old paradigm, we tell ourselves, “If I can just get someone to love me and that I can truly love, I’ll be alright.” Or, “If I can just get the approval of my peers or impress my boss enough, then I’ll have emotional and financial security.” In the old paradigm, every action is taken with the need for approval or the need to impress. And why do we do this? For one simple reason and that is to gain the energy of another. Because think of it, if we didn’t need the energy of others, would we even bother with the song and dance? No!

In the new paradigm, the goal is to realize that energy comes from connecting to Godsource via the act of loving ourselves. When we embrace our inner family- the inner child, the inner warrior, the inner nurturer, the inner sage and so forth, THEN we are in a position to tap into our Godsource and truly be intimate with another.

Don’t get me wrong. Intimacy with another is a great thing, but we truly can’t be intimate without vulnerability, and vulnerability is the gift we give to another only when we truly love ourselves. The main reason we are afraid to be vulnerable is because if we are and the person doesn’t reciprocate, then our persons feel completely and utterly demolished- that is if we don’t love ourselves enough. Because if we did love ourselves, although it might hurt when love isn’t reciprocated, we still would have a steady stream of love and energy coming from within.

So, how does this all relate to Step 5? In order to explain this fully, I’d like to share another story with you from my personal life:

Back in 2002, my friend Kevin Jackson put on a major conference in Atlanta called The Gathering of Masters of which I helped to coordinate. There were over 15 powerful speakers lined up from, Dick Gregory, Sobonfu Some, Dr. Charles Finch, Dr. Delbert Blair, Hakim Bey, Dr. Phil Valentine, and Dr. Jewel Poolkrum, just to name a few. With all the big names also came some big egos and needless to say, as the coordinator, with only one volunteer, I was stressed out between meeting the needs of the speakers, the vendors, the attendants, and keeping my sanity.

The first day, there wasn’t even time enough for me to even have a lunch break. By the end of the day, I had reached a breaking point and I decided to go completely within as a coping mechanism. I found myself standing in a trance during the last lecture, in a meditation that lasted nearly four hours, long after everybody had left the hall and stopped trying to get me to respond to anything. I lost complete track of time. I ended up going deep into my heart space where it was told to me, “Be present with presence. Release the need for approval and the need to impress.” A deep sense of presence fell over me in that moment and I entered the space of my heart. I began to use the whole conference as my homeopathic pill. I was able to see, through being present, all the ways my actions were done with the need to get the approval of others and my need to impress, AND I began to see how it was all connected to the areas of my life where my inner family wasn’t nurtured.

I began to see just how deep a gap there was within me that wasn’t being fulfilled. I also began to really see the motivations behind some of my actions. Even my actions to serve, while altruistic, also had an edge of wanting to be important and associated with these “masters,” but at the same time being afraid to shine my light. This type of honesty was a hard pill to take, yet in a way it was liberating to see how much the need for approval and the need to impress were ruling my life.

So, when we stay present in the moment, in our bodies, with presence and the intention of seeing how many of our actions are based on us getting energy from another rather than relying on Source- it’s a liberating experience.

As a matter of fact, if you really want to know my truth, I believe if we were to just do this and no other practices, eventually it would free us to become the immortals we were destined to be at this time! Okay, so with that said, here is your activity for this step.

Activity for Step 5:

Task #1
For 5 minutes when you wake up and for 5 minutes before going to bed, when you are eating, when you go to the bathroom, when you are waiting, when you are traveling and whenever else it is possible, just center into your body and feel yourself there in the present moment. Focus on feeling different parts of your body at random from your feet, all the way to your head with complete presence. This exercise helps you to build muscles so you’ll have a better chance of remembering to stay in your own energy field when you are talking to others, especially someone you consider “difficult” or “desirable.” Also, before opening your mouth to speak to anyone take a deep breath and inwardly thank the person for being there.

Task #2
Throughout the day, whenever you find yourself slipping out of the present moment and losing your presence, just say, “Out of all the things I have to do, all the things I love to do and all the things I was destined to do, nothing is more important than what I am doing right now.” Take a deep breath and focus inwardly in your body.

Task #3
I learned this practice from a technique called Access Consciousness, founded by Gary Douglas and I find it to be very useful. It’s based on the premise that most of the thoughts that come into our minds are not even ours. They are part of the collective consciousness and they only become “ours” when we decide to react or identify with them. So as the first line of defense AND healing for the collective, anytime a limiting or fearful thought comes up, ask yourself, “Whose thought is this?” If you get a sense that it isn’t originating from your person, then you say, “Return to sender with loving consciousness attached.” By returning it to the sender, with loving consciousness, you are not only strengthening yourself, but you are also helping to do your part in clearing the collective consciousness as well.

So that was Step #5. Next, we’ll be covering the four (4) pitfalls to Becoming a Conscious Co-Creator and the last pitfall is a biggie!

In Her Own Words- A Black History Tribute

We all know that the shortest month of the year can never do justice to the race that has been contributing to world history the longest. Yet and still, I’d like to pay tribute to Dr. Carter G. Woodson, founder of Black History Month and author of the classic, The Mis-Education of the Negro,MOTN by sharing a piece my mother wrote in her journal back in 2000.

I discovered for the first time where my writing gift came from when she originally shared this piece with me, waking me up early one morning, excited to share what she had “downloaded.” I was so impressed by what she wrote, that I typed it up and gave it to her with a card on her birthday. I hope you enjoy this Black History Tribute written in my mother’s own words.

Tuesday Tribute

african-traditional-folk-dance-nanyuki-kenya-october-group-people-performs-mount-kenya-safari-club-nanyuki-kenya-35460160We as Blacks of African decent, are people of rhythm. This came out of the rhythm of nature. We are earth people. Our ancestors studied nature by necessity, as a matter of survival. They were nomads. They wondered off at certain times looking for food. Therefore, they were impelled to study the stars, the planets, herbs, even the animals. They developed their so-called sixth-sense, their sense of perception.

When the White man of Europe came and invaded our ancestors and sold them as slaves; their culture was stripped from them. They were treated in inhumane ways. They were deprived of their families. They were raped, beaten and overworked- forced to be traitors to one another. All these negative traits obviously had a negative impact on our ancestors; not only in the US, but also abroad. Yet the worst was that here in the Americas, our ancestors were not allowed to practice their religion- ways of culture, etc.

african-american-woman-dance-pose-28640352The body is a complicated mystical wonder. It is made up of bones, muscles, organs, nerves and glands. It also has a chemical and electrical component. It is a wonder in that man had studied this, a wonder he understands how it is made of what it is made, even the proportions in which it is made. Yet man can not make life. He can sustain it, but he cannot make it. This is the mystical, divine side of man. The life force energy field is in every cell of our being. It flows in us like a river flows. Effortless. We must capture that essence, the Divine Spirit within us.

Until then, will we have peace. Until then, will we forgive. We Must Forgive! We must let go of the hurt of the past, of the anger, of whatever we are holding onto, whether it is conscious or unconscious. We must get back to our nature, to the Earth.

Our ancestors had dances. They were tribal dances. In all of these dances, body movement and rhythm were an integral part. This was a form of expansion. Their bodies were one with nature. Their minds were free. They were able to think and develop strategies. They stimulated the chemical component in their bodies. They did not need drugs!!! Their body chemistry provided them with the so-called “high” or peace that one wants when he turns to drugs.

This wonder, the body, must be functioning just as the Creator intends it to function. That is, we must be able to move our bodies without pain, just as we did when we were children. This is the key to rejuvenation! By moving our body parts with rhythm, sound and music, we then enhance this spiritual and chemical part of us. Each outer unit is attached to a certain color and this color to a certain chakra. This is the secret to the healing process.

african-women-dancing-26597240The female pelvis contains all the secrets of nature. Black women, that of whom the Creator chooses to conceive and carry life and bring life into the universe, we are the most important beings. Think of this. Our wombs have been the carriers of our men. Black men. Great men. All kinds of men. Black women, in this aspect, we join all women everywhere. Every race, every culture, every creed. We all have this extreme gift from our Creator! Our pelvis is very potent. Use it to get close to God. Use it to unlock the mysteries of life. Powerful Life Force.

So Mote it Be!

Written by,
Daisy King Bellony

Today’s inspiration comes from Day 100 of  Manifest Your Desires: 365 Ways to Make Your Dreams A Reality by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Enjoy!

Manifest Mondays

Your emotions are absolute indicators of your vibrational content. Therefore, they are the perfect reflection of your current point of attraction. Emotions help you know, in any moment, whether or not you are currently allowing the fulfillment or your desire… It is our encouragement that you pay attention to how you feel and allow your emotions to be the valuable indicators they are.

Bee a Queen or a King AND a Star

Honey Comb

“The knowledge to master our weaknesses to make them strengths is important, but the wisdom to master the power born out of our strengths is even more important.” -DeBorah Bellony

Everything is Relative
When it comes to male and female relationships, we are more alike than we like to think. It’s just a matter of whether we are “inside or outside” of each other, connected or unconnected-literally. For example, when a man is not “inside” a woman, he is not really that interested in a lot of communication and her need to express her feelings about every little thing. However, when he is “inside” of her, he wants to know exactly how she is feeling and communication becomes the holy grail.

Another example, when a man is “outside” of a woman, she detests his innate desire to “spread his seed.” However, say the woman wants to get pregnant. Then she becomes really interested in how plentiful, how far and how vast his seed can spread so that the best sperm is selected for her baby.

The End of Dualism
As we come to an end to duality consciousness, the traditional gender, race and generational roles we have played are changing. This is not so much because we have strayed away from the “original plan,” as much as it is because Life/ The Universe/ G.O.D. uses the sum total of all of our experiences so we can all become the master or spiritually evolved “grown-ups” we were are all destined to be-in our own time. Because we are all aspects of the Creator experiencing Itself through Its creation, there essentially isn’t any failure. I guess it’s similar to the biblical story of the prodigal son coming home. Yet, when we don’t see life from this perspective we are like the jealous, elder son that doesn’t see why his father son would celebrate the coming home of his wayward brother.

In Chapter 1 of my e-book, Afraid of Our Own Shadow, I state that as the universe and world evolves, as well as individuals within it, there are consequences and timelines for holding certain conclusions (judgments) that eventually meet up with a certain fate. It doesn’t matter how seemingly “good or bad” these conclusions are, when we see it as only being one way or another, our persons will eventually have the opportunity to experience its opposite as well.

“The most powerfully potent thing on the planet is our perception.” -DeBorah Bellony

As humanity evolves to its next playing field of existence, a new perception of the interconnectedness of all things must be adopted to be able to hold the higher frequencies. In the blog post, “J” is for Jack and January is for Initiation,  I state that all numbers after 10 enter a level of mastery or what I call androgyny, where they are both odd and even or male and female. In other words, there is an aspect of balance or non dualism inherent in them. For example, a 2 is a 2 and that means it’s an even number. No matter how you slice it, it’s polarized. However, 11 is an odd number, but when you add it together 1+1=2, it becomes and even number.

Two States and Two Types
There are two states of being and two types of beings on the planet. The two states are awake and asleep, and the two beings are initiated and uninitiated. All four are relative in certain areas and to certain degrees, so everyone can have a little of all four, depending on the area of life we are talking about.

The initiated being can be likened unto a King or Queen in that area. They can also be likened unto the perfect, most caring father or mother that provides and/or nurtures their child to become the true adults they will someday be, with the least amount of drama. They never force their sexual or aspirational desires on that child because of their own integrity, impeccability, emotional maturity and self discipline.

In the area of personal, intimate relationships, every Queen is initiated through loving every uninitiated man “as if” he were his son, and every King is initiated through loving every uninitiated woman “as if” she were his daughter. What do I mean by this?

There are no heavy sexual, financial or emotional projections or expectations. There aren’t any “not my kin” issues that would prevent him or her from displaying a “perfect” love in that connection. In other words, there is an instinctual, deeply rooted connection and vested interest in seeing this individual thrive, irregardless of ones own personal desires.

Be A Star!
There are two things we like to go around saying. One is that we are Kings or Queens, and the other is that we are Stars. So now that you have my definition of a King and Queen, let me give you my definition of a star. The true definition of a star is self-generated energy. A sun is a star and doesn’t need anything from the planets that revolve around it. Instead, it generates energy, shining a beautiful life-force to all it supports.

So let me ask, are you a King or a Queen? Are you a star? To what degree and how far? May we all embody our Auset and Ausar!

Getting to Know Daisy- Part 3

Today, I share the third part of the eulogy that I read for my mother’s funeral.

Tuesday Tribute

As a courageous trailblazer, she first moved to Berkeley and then settled in San Jose, CA. for a period of time. Later, she moved to Southern California, where she resided in Buena Park, CA. from 1976-1990. During this time, she continued her passion for teaching and worked for the Los Angeles Unified School District as a special education teacher, school nurse, counselor and health educator throughout the course of her career.

She achieved another Masters degree in Special Education from California State University, Fullerton, while continuing to work as a nurse for many leading hospitals in the Southern California area.

In 1991, she moved back to St. Thomas, VI to be closer to friends and family and worked as a nurse at the St. Thomas Hospital and as a special education resource teacher and school nurse for the VI Department of Education. In the late 1990’s she moved to Atlanta, GA. to be closer to her daughter and two sons and worked for the Fulton County School system for a short time. However, in early 2002, she permanently moved back to St. Thomas.

After leaving government service, she opened Bellony Consultants and Bellony Home Care Services, which provided skilled in-home nursing services as well as consulting services to private and government agencies.

Daisy was a devoted and active member of the Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church on St. Thomas and worked with its health outreach ministry. She also worked with the Wesley Methodist Health Outreach Ministry and numerous other community groups. She was a committed public servant who valued lifelong learning, family and a deep abiding relationship with God. Before her passing, she was actively engaged in starting a compassion support group to bring together people with similar issues, whether it be illness, relationship problems or life changes.