POV Monday Promo-Let the Survey Begin! (Pt. 1 of 10)

POV Monday Promo is a ten part series leading up to an Indiegogo book crowdfundraiser for, Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards. The promo’s goal is to build a buzz around the campaign, “blook” the first 3 Chapters by my mother’s Earthday on September 26th, and get the needed funds and feedback before publishing.

Let the Survey Bee-gin

I’d like to begin this ten part series with a survey to get your feedback on the book basics in order to create a better product more capable of reaching my audience.  If you complete the short survey, you’ll get a free copy of my e-book and a 45% discount on a Destiny Card Report with the coupon code given. But first, read the book summary below before you Take The Survey

Book Summary

Inspired by the death of my mother, POV is a 52 week inspirational guidebook and astrological calendar specific to your birthdate that helps you understand your life cycles to make better choices using an ancient astrological system coined the Destiny Cards by Robert Camp. This book will be accompanied by a .PDF formatted, 52 Week Report that reveals your personal daily life cycles using an ancient astrological system hidden in the ordinary deck of playing cards! This fascinating system that has been preserved throughout the ages by the Order of the Magi, is based on a mathematical formula that is NOT founded on divination alone like the more familiar tarot cards. With your accompanying report, you will be able to record your daily influences in the book and use it as a planning guide to make better choices.

Eric Pearl, healer and author of The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself mentions the importance of having triggers in our lives to help us grow. Triggers are topics that bring up strong emotion. I like to use “trigger” words in my book titles that may bring up predetermined ideas in people’s mind in order for us to address them collectively.

“If you get down and you quarrel everyday, you’re saying prayers to the devils I say.” -Bob Marley

While the word virgin brings up different things for different people, I define virginity as a person who is owning unto themselves and not claimed by anyone. To me, true virginity has less to do with purity based on sex and more to do with ownership. We are all “claimed” by certain things whether they be good or bad (a nation, a person or a philosophy), and yet we are also “virgins” in other areas as well.

What we put our focus on is our prayer, and when we are “unclaimed and focused” in any area that is real power. This book will inspire you to reclaim aspects of yourself, and address the importance of the prayers of all virgins to create a vision for tomorrow…today.

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