POV Promo- “Blook” Schedule & “Bee” Poll-en (Pt. 4 of 10)

POV Monday Promo is a ten part series leading up to an Indiegogo book crowdfundraiser for, Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards. The promo’s goal is to build a buzz around the campaign, “blook” the first 3 Chapters by my mother’s Earthday on September 26th, and get the needed funds and feedback before publishing.

In Pt. 4 of this series, I’ve created our first Google+ Poll to get your feedback on the book title. Starting on August 21st, I begin “blooking” the first 3 Chapters of POV and have posted the schedule below. I really look forward to your feedback! Please participate in the one question poll in preparation for the upcoming “blook.”


I’ve decided to use Google+ as a platform to post pictures, polls & quotes to inspire, promote and get feedback for the upcoming Indiegogo book crowdfundraiser. Please take the one question poll about the book title and share with your tribe. There’s also a link to take the POV Survey in the comments section if you haven’t already. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Take the 1- Question Poll


August 21stChapter 1- My Virgin Vision

August 28thChapter 2- The Reclaim Game (1 of 3)

September 4thChapter 2- The Reclaim Game (2 of 3)

September 11thChapter 2 The Reclaim Game (3 of 3)

September 18th- Chapter 3 Tools for F.O.O.L.S (1 of 2)

September 25th- Chapter 3 Tools for F.O.O.L.S (2 of 2)



DBTBB Google+ Page 

DeBorah B’s Travel Bug Blog is where the love to travel, fundraise and write unite. So, when you join the “Beehive Tribe” you have a place to post comments and participate in polls. Click Here To Join

POV Book Launch Community

Who I Am Communications Google+ Page is where each book will have it’s own community. To join the POV Book Launch “beehive” community and bee involved in the upcoming Indiegogo crowdfundrasier  Click Here.


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