2020 Book Vision- Monday Promo Push Off

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At DeBorah B’s Travel Bug Blog, I not only promote fundraisers, share travel stories, and showcase community events, artists and activists, l also use this platform to promote my 2020 Book Vision

My 2020 Vision

Since I’ve worn glasses since the age of 5, I’m definitely not talking about my eyesight! My vision for Who I Am Communications is to finish writing 6 books sharing powerful practices and principles for conscious co-creation and to promote & publish 3 of them by the year 2020.

What IS Conscious Co-Creation & Why Is It Important?

For better or worse, you are constantly co-creating your life circumstances with the Creator of All There Is in your every thought, word and action. Yet, what if you could do so more consciously? What would it be like if you knew, just like you know when you’re thirsty, how to tap into Creator Source to co-create the mental, emotional and financial breakthroughs you deserve? Now imagine if we ALL could consciously co-create the lives we desire on every level?

That would completely eradicate the need to complain or get caught up in power struggles. Yet, because of a loss of faith and a lack of trust from life experiences, it feels futile to fully commit to co-creating our desires. Facing the shadow of my greatest wounds involving racism, sexism and ageism has allowed me to experienced first-hand the power of conscious co-creation.  And over time, these same shadow experiences have transformed into my greatest gifts that I’m committed to sharing now.

So far, I’ve finished one of the six books, Afraid of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide for Conscious Co-Creation. As a 40 pg. e-book, AOOOS can be considered the practical, hands-on, how-to part to It’s All G.O.D: A Conscious Creator’s Guide to Healing the Effects of White Supremacy. Part memoir, part paradigm shifting guidebook, IAG promises to be my most thought provoking book to date. In today’s social climate, I had no idea how significant the book title would be back in 2012, when I first kicked off the IAG 9 Month Countdown campaign that I have since put on hold after my mother died to focus on first publishing Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards

Inspired by the death of my mother, POV is a 52 week inspirational guidebook and astrological calendar specific to your birthdate that helps you understand your life cycles to make better choices using an ancient astrological system coined the Destiny Cards by Robert Camp. A portion of the POV’s proceeds will go toward the Pushing Daisy Drive, to build an Eco-friendly home/health education center in Antigua, West Indies in honor of my mother Daisy’s legacy of service.

POV Monday Promo: A Ten Part Series Countdown

POV Monday Promo is a 10-part series that kicks off an Indiegogo Crowfundraiser officially starting on June 10th. The campaign’s goal is to raise the funds to edit, format and publish the printed book and to build a buzz around the book that will be published by my “second” Earthday- August 17th (more on that later). 

Here are three ways you can contribute:

  • Give Feedback: During the Indiegogo Campaign, I will “re-blook” the first 3 Chapters of POV and generate polls, surveys and even contests for the needed feedback before the publishing stage.
  • Share the Love: Whether you share my posts, podcasts, Pinterest pics or Youtube videos, the more the book campaign is buzzing around, the better it bee-comes.
  • Purchase & Promote: Indiegogo’s referral incentive program makes it possible for me to track the people my fans refer to the campaign and that allows me to give perks to tribe members that are most active!

Thanks for your time! Stay tuned for the POV Monday Promo Schedule on June 4th!

Four Things I’ve Learned in the Last Six Months

With approximately four months left in the 10-Month Manifest Your Desires Campaign, I’d like to share four things I’ve learned so far. These four lessons are important because I know my person would’ve never learned them if a commitment hadn’t been made. Declaring to the world that you’re going to do something and then having to be accountable for that something is one of the greatest lessons you can ever learn, especially when that “something” speaks to your heart and honors your being.

LESSON #1: Know & Focus on What Your MOST Passionate About First

The greatest take-away I’ve had so far from List-A-Palooza’s: 90 Day List-Building Challenge came from  Suzanne Monroe, founder of International Association of Wellness Professionals. She shared five steps that I’ll summarized here: 1) Be clear about what you are most passionate about 2) Know what you are good at  3) Match up your “unique brillance” with the right business model 4) Create a simple way people can learn from you 5) Share your message

These steps allowed me to see that by focusing on what I’m most passionate about (and already good at)  first, I’m more able to gain the momentum to accomplish my other less passionate goals. Yet as it stands to date, I’ve spent the past six months trying to master the things that my person is passionate about, but not that good at yet. This has left hardly anytime to focus on the creative writing aspect of my upcoming book.

LESSON #2: Self-Love Leads to Lessons Learned

My commitment to loving myself no matter what  has played a great role in learning a great lesson. When I found myself constantly procrastinating and finding excuses to not execute my continuously evolving plans, my person’s first reaction was to want to beat myself up for not being more disciplined. Yet, because I am committed to allowing myself the same kindness as I would a kindergartner learning to tie her shoes, I was able to go deeper. Something was off.  As blues singer BB King would say, “The Thrill is Gone” and I didn’t know why. Yet, because I trusted my body enough to know something was off, I didn’t need to know what was off  before  going back to the basics and asking for help.

LESSON #3: Guiding Principles Prevent a Predicament

When I began the 10-month Manifest Your Desires Campaign back in January, I made sure to establish two internal desires to serve as my foundation (guiding principles) as a pursued my two external goals of travel writing and book publishing. This has proven to be a wise move because it has allowed me to keep my focus on why I am doing what I’m doing, rather than on when or how it will all manifest. The formula for my first internal desire to “T.A.P into Happiness,” consists of T-rusting that G.O.D and my guides want my success more than I do, A-ccepting what manifests in my life, knowing all things (good and bad) are ultimately serving a perfect purpose, and being P-resent in my body with presence and gratitude at all times.

LESSON #4: A Daily Practice is Perfect for My Person

“After all is said and done, more is said than done.” -Aesop

I can not stress enough how important a consistent practice is in outsmarting the mental mind chatter and thought suggesting parasites that lie within. Aside from being present in my body and aware of my thoughts and actions without judgement, I have found mindful eating, physical exercise, being barefoot in nature and the Emotion Code to be the best techniques for me to sidestep the traps that the monkey mind/ gatekeeper sets up for my person on a daily basis. Sometimes I’m more successful than others and my person is always amazed at how easily it is to slip back into old habits. Yet, the key for me has been to realize things happen in cycles and even when you slip into old habits, it’s still serving a good purpose-if you say it is and believe it!

Manifest Your Desires Campaign Update


Based on the four lessons I learned, for the next four months, I’ve shifted my focus from my travel writing goals (what I’m passionate, but not that good at) to put more emphasis on my book publishing goal (what I’m passionate and good at). I realize now that publishing my book probably isn’t possible by Nov. 14th; however, a good thing that has come out of this realization is that I can solicit more reader participation to provide a better product and then generate more publicity and funding via Pubslush, (a crowdfunding site for authors), before my book is actually published.

Focus on Book Publishing

Coming up shortly, I’ll be conducting a survey to get feedback on your biggest challenges around conscious co-creation and for my upcoming book Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards. I’ll need your feedback so I can be sure to create the most effective product. I’m also planning to give away one free spot for my upcoming Conscious Co-Creation Retreat @ The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, Sept. 19th-26th, so I’ll  keep you posted!

More Travel Guest Post and Pinterest Picture Posts

Instead of my person being stressed out about keeping up with unrealistic travel writing schedule, I plan to post more travel guest posts and a series of pinterest travel picture/personal quotes posts. Because I plan to focus more time at what I’m good at, this will allow for more creativity and flow, leading to more productivity in less time. If you are a travel writer or know of any good travel writers or posts, let me know!

This Post Is For the Writer In You

I want to share some upcoming free opportunities for all you writers out there:

MAY 9th- National Association of Memoir Writer’s Free All Day Tele-summit
Every season, NAMW gives a free all-day telesummit 10am-4pm PDT to help us with our memoir writing and marketing. The theme for Spring 2014: Angles of View-Writing and Sharing Your Memoir.Every season is always full of helpful tips, inspiration and new contacts and opportunities. There is still time to sign up for it today, and even if you don’t have time to attend, you will be able to download the calls afterwards at no cost. There is nothing to buy. Hope to see you there! You can sign-up here.

May 19th-30: Transformational Author Experience 2014
For the past five years Christine Kloser has been hosting a live on-line event to help aspiring authors with a message to write, publish and promote their book with over 22 hours of free-training (when you attend live or within 48 hrs). The first time I attended, I was blown away by all the information and inspiration I received. Even if you aren’t able to listen to every presentation within the time frame, it is certainly worth signing up when you have 21 bestselling authors, agents, publishers and transformational leader sharing some invaluable information. Hope to see you there too! You can sign-up here.