The Serendipitous Date of Nov.14th: A 10 Part Series

Tuesday Tribute

Yesterday I mentioned that I will be writing a 10-part series sharing serendipitous and mysterious events and occurrences that have taken place on Nov. 14th (the day my mother died). Starting next week for Pushing Daisy Tuesday Tribute, I’ll share a story, an event or mysterious occurrences involving this date. These posts will be categorized as events that happened before Nov. 14, 2013, the day of Nov. 14th, and after Nov. 14th, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I’ve reposted the accomplishments  and vision for the last days of the drive.

Diasy Drive

The original goal for Phase 1 of the  Pushing Daisy Drive  was:

To fund the start-up costs and planning involved to build an Eco-friendly home and educational center in Antigua, West Indies, that will also serve as a private operating foundation in honor of my mother’s legacy of service.

A family member made a donation to cover the land taxes and lawyer fees associated with the center site, which is a great blessing. Also, as a result of extensive research, I found out that the best organizational structure with the least amount of paperwork and international red tape would be a health education ministry instead of a private operation foundation. Essentially, we will be able to do everything (and even more) that we would be able to do as an operating foundation, while saving a lot of time and money in the long run. However, there are still legal costs involved to complete the process.


Raise $2,750 by Nov. 14th for Legal Fees
My goal is to raise $2, 750 by developing a PWYW (Pay What You Want) product, event or service with great content and offer a limited time only discount on my coaching services during the last days of the campaign. Your feedback and participation will be much appreciated during this time, so stay tuned.


Develop a Product, Event or Service for the End of the Campaign
In the Mayan Calendar, there is a 50-Day period that happens at least once a year made up of portal and core days taking place from Oct. 31st to December 19th in 2014. The 20-day cycle of core days begins on Nov. 15th and ironically for this year, the Mayan season changes on Nov. 14th– the day before! At this time, the energy on the planet is more powerful to accelerate transformation and to be more receptive to cosmic knowledge for self mastery. During this 50 Day period, I’ll be developing a product, event or service that can assist participants collectively tap into this energy to ‘anchor reality in the now’ and manifest our desires.

Diasy Drive Donors

* David King  * William Scott, Jr.  *Janice Donovan  * Isaac Causey *Sharonda Caldwell  * LaVerne Freemon  * Lumumba Corriette  * Cher Hermschulte  *Camara Barbara Knight

Remember, it’s never too late to spread the word on social media, to help out by shopping on

OR by making a donation or volunteering your professional services.

One Love,


PS. Go to the Pushing Daisy Drive Page to learn more about the fundraiser goals and the other ways you can contribute.

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