Classes and Retreats

Currently, I only offer private classes for the Destiny Cards and seasonal week-long retreats as part of the Conscious Co-Creation Coaching Circle.  However, I would love to partner with other like minded light beacons in a way that allows our methods and missions to resonate. My approach focuses less on lectures and more on providing a fun, hands-on experience that allows me to connection with the people I serve. My extensive experience in project planning and coordination can assist you with any project you have in mind. I’m also available for interviews and presentations on telesummits or webinars.

Conscious Co-Creation Coaching Circle:

Co-Creation is what we are always doing, but to do so consciously leads to self-healing, happiness and a whole lot more. The Conscious Co-Creation Circle’s main objective is to support you in becoming a better conscious co-creator in a concrete, verifiable way based on your desired outcomes in six months.

According to Brian Whetten, founder of Core Coaching, 10% of a coach’s success is based on the techniques used, 30% is based on the coach’s energy/personality, and 60% is based on the client’s commitment. The Conscious Co-Creation Circle provides the opportunity for you to make a long-term commitment to yourself, and as a group grow closer and stronger as a circle of conscious co-creators. The Circle will always commence at the beginning of a season and when there are at least 7 and no more than 13 participants. The Circle concludes with an optional 3-7 day retreat in Mexico or the US.

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Retreat Fun-shops & Travel Tours:

If you’re in the business of putting on retreats and tours and are looking for a partner to add more depth and insight to the experience, I can make an excellent complement to your event. Allow me to assist you with project planning and coordination from a professional and astrological perspective. My fun-shop retreat topics currently include the Destiny Cards and Conscious Co-Creation and can be catered to meet your needs.

On-line Classes:

If you’re a light beacon with an on-line school or platform and are in need of new teachers or new topic material, I can add a little flavor and variety to your venue. I currently offer classes in the Destiny Cards and Conscious Co-Creation. The class format, scope and schedule can be arranged to suit your platform preferences.

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